Smart solutions for smart cities 

Smart solutions for smart cities 

Welcome to a sustainable future with esave - your partner for energy savings, smart lighting and innovative IoT solutions.


Intelligent, flexible and cost-effective streetlight controller

Communication via a self-organizing 2.4 GHz mesh network

Integrated eSim for seamless connectivity
with the SL-Control web platform

Compatible with a wide range of sensors:

- PIR Zhaga ST / HS
- legrand Wattstopper
- Burri Zhaga Radar


Intelligent, flexible and cost-effective streetlight controller with integrated motion sensor

Everything you
you need - combined in one product

The intelligence of the
SLC hub and the smartness of the
PIR Zhaga sensor

Thanks to the integrated 2.4 GHz mesh network, all our controllers remain backwards compatible

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Change requires innovation, and innovation leads to progress 

Our products, from motion sensors and controllers to software platforms, are designed to transform traditional lighting infrastructure into an intelligent and sustainable network. By leveraging smart technology, esave enables cities and businesses to reduce energy consumption, minimize light pollution and create a more sustainable future.

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A global challenge

Excessive light emissions

Excessive light emissions are an undeniable reality in today's world, with significant environmental and economic consequences. Unnecessary lighting not only increases your energy bills, but also contributes to a larger ecological footprint.



What is the solution?

Sustainable lighting

At esave, we offer an intelligent and sustainable solution to tackle this problem head on. Our innovative lighting systems are designed to reduce energy consumption, cut costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

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