Smart Lighting Solutions

At esave we are specialized in offering Smart Lighting Solutions and provide our expertise and guidance to municipalities, businesses and households for the development of Smart Cities. By converting traditional lighting infrastructure to cost- effective LED technology, all the consequences of traditional lighting – massive energy wastes, expensive infrastructure, high maintenance and management costs - can be easily reduced.

At the same time street lights can provide required infrastructure for other Smart City services and applications such as public safety, traffic management, smart parking, air quality, weather stations and environmental monitoring.

Fixed Light Control System

Smart Solution based on historical data

Fixed Light Control System is the starting point of a intelligent Street Lighting journey. This solution foresees that every single luminaire or a whole lighting system is programmed for a certain performance level based on different environmental and behavioural trends:

  • the length of the day and the current season
  • statistics on traffic flow during the time of a day in the area
  • other behavioural trends for defined areas (e.g. time the school day ends during the winter, closing of shops in industrial area etc.)

Depending on safety requirements, or simply on the level of desired comfort in the area, it is possible to define up to 14 levels of light intensity.


Diversified approach to the light management will help to optimize the energy consumption.

Real-time Light Control Systems

Real-time light control systems help to control the lighting infrastructure based on actionable data received from different sensor types.

Light on Demand

Smart Solution based on real data from motion sensors

The idea behind esave's Light on Demand solution is very simple:

Each luminaire is equipped with a motion sensor that registers whether there is traffic on the street or not.
If there are no pedestrians or vehicles on the street the light is dimmed, e.g. to 15 percent. 

Once the sensors register analogue movement in the illumination area, light intensity is automatically increased to a higher level and a message is sent to the next luminaire, which also increases the intensity of the light before a pedestrian or a vehicle reaches the next luminaire position. Thus, a specified number of lamps will continuously be shining at a higher intensity in front of and behind a pedestrian or a vehicle, providing a high comfort lighting experience.

Besides all the different dimming steps, numerous configuration possibilities exist. Smooth or more aggressive fading, hours with disabled motion detection or even the time the brightness level should be held after motion has been detected, just to name a few. The times of lighting follow the Dim-Mode: no light is turned on during daylight hours.


A dedicated approach to light distribution will help to optimize energy consumption and provide a higher safety and comfort level to the area while staying environment-friendly and sustainable.

Volume based Light Control

Smart Solution based on traffic intensity

Volume-based Light Control solution from esave will make your lighting system even smarter. By equipping lighting systems with sensor technologies to recognize traffic density you create a traffic-adaptive lighting system.

That means increased traffic density, e.g. during the rush hours or due to any special occasions, such as public events, e.g. football match, will be recognized by the lighting system and a higher level of light intensity will automatically be activated. providing better visibility and safety. 

Last, but not least, the luminaires will be turned on only where needed, meaning on the street side currently in use - not in both directions.


Besides optimized energy costs, this solution provides better lighting quality, higher city comfort and more safety.