Sensor Solutions

A broad range of sensors can expand the possibilities of your lighting system, making it even smarter.

esave offers an innovative sensor platform that can detect and capture data from diverse environmental changes and make your lighting system adaptive.

Motion Sensors

  • Radar-based detection
  • Infrared-based detection

Environmental Sensors

  • Light
  • Fine dust
  • CO2
  • Weather station

The concept of Smart City with its focus on safety and efficiency is fully supported by our multi-sensor approach by:

  • using different sensor data to improve street light quality, increase traffic safety and maximize energy saving,
  • using both motion and CO2 sensors in office areas and on shop floors or production areas to monitor air quality, improving employees productivity and workplace safety.
  • combining different technologies into one solution to save investment costs and improve ROI

Smart Lighting Solutions from esave also support integration of third party sensors, including the required software