Light Management

At esave we developed a Light Management Platform to provide highly accurate information about the current and historical status of a lighting network, accelerating decision making, providing cost-effective maintenance, and improving public services. 

Lighting Management Platform with a user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive view of all information aggregated by different sensors - ready to read and easy to understand. The interface can further be customized for special requirements, e.g. third-party sensors can be integrated.

Our SL-Gateway enables easy access to your management platform from any device connected to the Internet – laptop, tablet, and smartphone – to configure, monitor and manage remotely your lighting system efficiently



Offering in-house developed, customizable software packages that deliver smart and effective solutions for the daily operation of a lighting system, esave helps optimize your workflow.
SL-Configurator is a software product, built on the Windows platform, used for viewing, configuring and managing a lighting system. 

It allows the user to set the operational mode and dimming level for every individual luminaire or a group of luminaires.

SL-Configurator is a simple to use, yet powerful, tool which presents performance of a lighting network in a simple graphic interface, making it possible to react quickly and efficiently in an operational daily routine.

SL-Control is a stand-alone application, cloud-based, that offers unique capabilities for remote in-depth information visualization and analysis of multiple measurement results.


SL-Control creates a central dashboard of information for operators to access at any time and offers performance status alerts and outage notifications that can be sent via email or SMS.

GIS-based Integration

SL-Control also supports the integration of GIS data for even more efficient operational workflows. Based on the serial number of each street light controller and the GIS data, a new luminaire can be automatically integrated into our web-based solution, avoiding any need for specific configuration.


Data Storage Platform

All information received from the luminaires and different sensors are automatically stored on the server. With all data in a single location, volumes of information gathered from various devices can be viewed on our web application.
Over our API (Application Programming Interface), data can be imported and exported from other applications and sources. This will open up a wealth of options for customization and building your Smart City.

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting flexibility is provided by the Excel Forms Report function, also in the form of comparison reports. Users can define the structure and layout of the Excel reports to meet varying reporting needs across organizations and our software will populate it automatically.