Ring Controllers

esave SLC-RC-Switch 200 Series

The esave SLC-RC-Switch is built upon the MQTT network protocol, focusing on durability and gaining independence to other systems. Using the esave cloud, it is possible to provide measured data such as the current environmental brightness from other devices. The SLC-RC Switch can react to these data and change its output state automatically. The cloud is also allowing the user to fully configure and control the device remotely.



With the AstroDim function, the approximate sunrise time and sunset time can be calculated. In this way, a luminaire can be switched on and off based on the calculated times.

Subsequently, each individual street light can be configured with a desired dimming profile and adapted to the locally required specifications and needs.  For example, brighter illumination at an intersection or pedestrian crossing.

Remote Management

The Light Management Platform of esave provide highly accurate information about the current and historical status of a lighting network. The Network can be configured, monitored and managed remotely via the cloud. This will help to accelerate decision making, providing cost-effective maintenance, and improving public services. 

On-Site Management

Be in control of your data with full flexibility to manage your lighting networks on site. Our software with intuitive and easy-to-use configuration tools allows you to set the operational mode and dimming level for every individual luminaire or a group of luminaires. Customize it once and it works efficiently every day.

Automatic Positioning

The built-in GNSS receiver helps to automatically locate and commission a single street light.

Built-In GNSS

The optionally integrated GNSS receiver (Global Navigation Satellite System) provides the luminaires with the current date and time information. This enables fully automatic, minute-by-minute control of the lighting.

GNSS: GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou / Galileo / QZSS