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The esave SL-Gateway enables to monitored, configured and controlled lighting installations from the office or on the road. This without without being within the wireless rang of the installations. All you need is a device with an Internet access. 

The SL-Gateway is a small device which has to be installed near the lighting installations, where it connects to the esave SL-Control wireless network. The Gateway is easy to use thank to a 4.3." TFT Display with integrated touch panel. The data from an esave controller will be collected and controlled by the gateway. Via a mobile connection or an Ethernet cable the data can be transmit to the SL-Control server. The esave SL-Control Server collects the data from all connected Gateway and presents them in a user-friendly web application. To protect the data against unauthorized access, all the transfer pathways are encrypted and secured. 

An annual usage fee is charged for using the cloud and for storing and retrieving the plant data. This includes protected and secured access to the luminaires, the plant data and the necessary server capacities. The gateway thus offers the possibility of remote maintenance and fast response. 

Advantages ot the cloud-based solution
  • The current luminaire status data can be read out 
  • Readout of energy consumption
  • Operational cost savings through real-time monitoring and real-time maintenance 
  • Increased convenience and safety in the community
  • Simplified luminaire configuration and update


esave additionally required products

esave SL-Gateway

The esave SL-Gateway is a general purpose unit that extends the possibilities of our SL-Control from the software product family and brings your luminaires into the cloud.

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