Intelligent Street Lighting

Intelligent Street Lighting.

Efficient. Sustainable. Smart.

Our customers in the field of urban planning and city governance are facing many challenges: efficient energy consumption, waste management, traffic flow optimization and safety, air quality, creation of more attractive living area, and city promotion. These are shared objectives of cities all over the world and intelligent Street Lighting plays an important role in resolving these challenges.


Ensuring the right approach

Depending on a city’s ambitions and vision, defined development strategies, local requirements and technical potential - and available financial resources - esave offers solutions to help transform the city to a contemporary Smart City.

Modernisation of available infrastructure, or installation of a completely new intelligent lighting network, can be done in stages or as a turnkey solution as per the pre-defined project scope.

IoT-Ready Solutions

By enhancing your lighting system with the relevant sensors you provide your city with an exceptional opportunity to improve the quality of public services and living comfort, opening it up to the connected, but very complex, world of IoT.

IoT is anchored in the vast amounts of useful data being generated. The real promise of IoT is to unlock the potential of collected data, enabling you to benefit from collected information. Actionable intelligence means operational efficiency and effective energy consumption.


Which is the best street lighting network for your city?  How do you get real value from IoT for your city and not get lost in the jungle of data?  

With esave you have a reliable partner on your transformation journey.

We guide you through the technical landscape of connected devices to compare alternative solutions suiting your specific city requirements. We are not simply automating your Smart City lighting networks: we provide your lighting systems with autonomous insights, making the city efficient, sustainable and smart.