Office and Buildings


The way we work today has drastically changed. We work in open space areas, in guest meeting rooms, in conference rooms and online, while participating in video conferences, webinars and online training sessions.
Now it is time to adjust the office infrastructure, adapting it to the purposes of usage, maximizing the space utility, employees’ comfort, productivity and safety, improving flexibility of the office area and lowering energy costs.


Smart Control

Smart Lighting Solutions from esave can put lights on a central control system and provide optimal amounts of light in office buildings based on daylight and motion.


A intelligent Lighting System will turn lights on or off at scheduled times, dim or brighten lights in accordance with the amount of daylight, and automatically turn them off when a room is unoccupied, resulting in energy cost savings up to 90%.

Well-being and productivity

It is a well-known scientific fact that environment influences our mood and productivity. Equipped with environmental sensors, any office facility can easily become modern office space with a focus on employee well-being:

  • Deploy right lighting – neither blindingly bright nor too dim – and provide eye-pleasing illumination.

Poor lighting: yellow or orange from traditional lamps, can cause eyestrain, blurred vision and headaches. Bright, glare-free LED lighting can improve concentration levels, helping avoid operational errors.

  • Simple factors like light colors have a significant impact on brain activity, mental and physical energy. These can be stimulated with coloured light to add a pop of energy to chill-out areas.
  • CO2-, humidity sensors will check air quality in the room and inform your employees, or even signal an HVAC system directly, to make adjustments based on real-time building occupancy levels.

Lighting is an entryway to IoT Buildings

Using connected lighting systems and advanced analytics it is possible to make buildings more responsive - and smarter. Join the transformation era of the building industry.

IoT-enabled lighting  (e.g. with embedded motion sensors) can provide information about where employees prefer to work and how they move during the day. Real-time and historical analytics will provide insights about space usage, offering the possibilities for space optimization and keeping energy costs as low as possible.
In case of a fire you will be able to check where the people were, possibly saving lives.

Thus, an IoT-ready connected lighting system will open new perspectives to transform your office facility into a Smart Office and the building itself can become an essential part of the Smart City.


Lighting systems from esave can be used in any office space and can be configured according to employee requirements. We are happy to guide you through the possibilities of IoT lighting and inspect the capabilities of your existing lighting system.