Lighting and control that improve operations


esave offers Smart Lighting Solutions suitable for every industrial area, from manufacturing plants through warehouses to transportation yards, where the right lighting is crucial for safety. Our intelligent light solutions offer better light and flexibility together with considerable savings on energy consumption and operational costs.


Effective Working Environment

LED luminaires provide visual accuracy in working environments, enabling people to see clearly and move in safety and comfort.

Integration and Conformity

LED luminaires can be easily integrated into a building management system for flexible scheduling to optimize lighting networks and generate even more savings.
Our solutions correspond to all industrial standards, and can work in harsh industrial environments.


LED lighting solutions reduce energy costs and carbon emissions by up to 80%. At the same time LED luminaires have a much longer life circle. Thus, life costs of the whole system are crucially reduced, offering considerable and quick payback.

Smart Control

Since all industrial companies entered the era of Industry 4.0, lighting networks became the entryway for Smart Factories. Smart Lighting Solutions from esave are IoT-ready. That means they can incorporate lighting control with heating, ventilation and air conditioning, security, and management systems. Different settings can be specified for different production or working areas for different day times and more.


At esave we care about providing the right solution with smooth system integration, and without any disruption of your business. Our experts will inspect your facility and deliver a proposal that suits your business best. We offer both staged modernisation and turnkey solutions, enabling your business to keep pace with technological changes and remain agile to cope with future advances in technology.