Public Lighting


Public lighting ensures safe and pleasant streets and roads, but it’s not limited to this application area. Many different infrastructure objects are illuminated at night, however this might not be really necessary all the time. At esave we offer a portfolio of lighting solutions for infrastructure to reduce energy consumption to the optimal level, increasing comfort and safety while staying environment-friendly.


Comfort and savings

Thanks to integrated motion sensors the control system sends a signal to the lighting network to dim luminaires when inactive. It can also be programmed to different light levels depending on the amount of daylight. With special sensor equipment light intensity can be adjusted if:

  • somebody is entering a parking garage, commercial district, tunnel, bridge, etc.
  • pedestrians want to cross the street
  • bus stops can be illuminated when people sit there for safety and comfort, and alerting bus drivers to stop from a distance
  • monument lighting and festival lighting can be programmed to provide a special atmosphere whenever it is really needed

IoT-ready solutions

The real promise of IoT is to unlock the potential of collected data. Enabling you to benefit from collected information by providing actionable intelligence means operational efficiency and effective energy consumption. Here are some examples making use of connected lighting solutions:

  • avoid fluctuating temperatures, exhaust fumes and humidity in the parking spaces
  • signposts light up in a case of an accident
  • temperature sensitive road markers change colours to warn of ice on the road
  • and more

Our experts at esave can inspire you with a variety of energy-efficient, environment-friendly and smart solutions for any public or commercial infrastructure object. We also help you to get real value from IoT - without being lost in the jungle of data - following the concept “Light. When needed. As much as needed”.