Our Business

Light. When needed. As much as needed.


At esave we develop and offer state-of-the-art technologies and smart solutions in the area of light management, guiding municipalities and industries on the journey to become connected and autonomous, bringing the real and digital worlds together, and ensuring a sustainable future.


We convert traditional lighting infrastructure to cost- effective LED technology and set new standards. All the consequences of traditional lighting – massive energy wastes, expensive infrastructure, high maintenance and management costs - can be easily reduced, while quality and comfort are increased. At esave we provide our expertise and guidance to municipalities, businesses and households for the development of Smart Cities.


All esave products are developed entirely in-house and distributed only through esave.

“From the very beginning we were innovators, pioneers with a vision. Big ideas often come from small companies.
Rico Kramer
CEO esave AG

"Quality is important to us. We have our feet on the ground, and our eyes on the horizon.”
Hanno Baumgartner
CTO esave AG